ElastiFlow Launches NetIntel to Boost Enterprise Security Against Internal and External Threats; Venture Guides Invests Additional Funds.

June 4, 2024

ElastiFlow Launches NetIntel to Boost Enterprise Security Against Internal and External Threats; Venture Guides Invests Additional Funds.

Oakland, CA, June 4, 2024 - Today ElastiFlow, the leading Network Observability and Security solution built for open data platforms, announced the launch of NetIntel - the first product to combine network and threat intelligence information into a single feed, helping to protect companies from external and internal actors. NetIntel reduces noisy, generic threat alerts and generates actual threat notifications by enriching live network traffic with aggregated information from globally distributed proprietary sensors. Network and security teams now have active and relevant internal and external security threats brought to their immediate attention without the noise of other threat intelligence solutions.

Benefits of NetIntel in comparison to other threat intelligence solutions include the ability to:

  • Shine a light on Shadow IT: NetIntel enriches flow data with the names of the actual cloud services employees are using. 

  • Show network usage based on actual applications: Top talkers are great, but what services are they actually using?

  • Scan for compliance violations: A branch office in Australia is accessing the company’s database in Europe with data that should remain in Europe.

Rob Cowart, ElastiFlow Founder and CEO says: “NetIntel revolutionizes network security by merging network and threat intelligence, providing unparalleled visibility into both external and internal threats. This launch marks a significant step forward in protecting our customers' networks with real-time, relevant, actionable insights."

In addition to the launch of NetIntel, ElastiFlow is accelerating their growth plan with a follow-on $5 million investment from Venture Guides. Building on their 2023 seed investment, this additional funding will allow ElastiFlow to advance their product roadmap and expand their go to market efforts.

“Venture Guides has a longstanding experience building network security and performance management companies. Customers’ networks today are more complex, data-intensive, distributed, and vulnerable to attack. ElastiFlow’s solution generates highly relevant performance and security alerts for network operations,” said Ben Nye, Managing Partner, Venture Guides. ”We are excited to to see ElastiFlow providing the most complete network data visibility available today, bringing together network, operations and security teams for more secure and performant networks.” 

For media inquiries please contact: Stephen Condon - steve@elastiflow.com

Visit www.elastiflow.com to learn more or start a free trial today.

About ElastiFlow

ElastiFlow delivers the world's most scalable and performant network performance and security analytics solutions. With ElastiFlow, enterprises have an open data network observability solution designed for maximum explorability and discovery - see everything that matters! Rather than siloing critical network data, ElastiFlow integrates with big data tools such as Elastic, Kibana, and OpenSearch. We all depend on the reliability, performance and security of network infrastructure. ElastiFlow was created to provide the visibility and insights to make this world possible. ElastiFlow is funded by Venture Guides - www.ventureguides.com.

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