NetObserv Reveals Insights to Optimize Network Performance

Instantly transform open data platforms into a powerful network Flow and SNMP collector and analytics solution. SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, and cloud flow logs for all devices are collected, normalized, and enriched, delivering unprecedented insights.

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The NetObserv Difference

NetObserv ensures immediate visibility, integrates with open data platforms, and offers pre-built dashboards and ML jobs. Collaborate with SecOps and NetOps in a shared data lake, leveraging rich data with AI/ML models. See what matters with NetObserv!

The NetObserv Flow Collector Difference

Most solutions stop at basic collection and often sample data. NetObserv collects unsampled flow data for complete, immediate visibility, ensuring accurate insights for you and your ML/AI models.

NetObserv Flow collector difference

Unlock Flow and Telemetry Insights

NetObserv is more than a simple flow and SNMP collector. It has been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding production environments, with particular attention to the following attributes:

Input capabilities include pre-built support for some of the most popular network equipment. However, new, rare, or custom devices will always be present but are not yet part of our pre-built options. In this scenario, it is easy for users to add configurations or even modify existing definitions.
Collecting unsampled flow data and SNMP polling can be resource-intensive. NetObserv reduces data volume without compromising fidelity and promotes efficient storage. SNMP polling performs low-touch discovery of target device objects, creating an inventory for efficient polling. This reduces network packets and the load on limited device resources.
New devices are constantly introduced. With support for over 4,700 devices, NetObserv ensures compatibility with your infrastructure now and in the future. It dynamically adjusts SNMP polling to respond to device changes, modifying schedules or triggering rediscovery as needed.
Turnkey SNMP Polling
The SNMP Input simplifies polling by eliminating time-consuming configurations and errors. Define SNMP MIB attributes once and use them flexibly for devices. Easily poll environments with a growing set of MIB Object definitions, Object Groups, and Device Groups. To add a device, just provide its IP address, credentials, and Device Groups.
NetObserv has proven itself as perhaps the most scalable Flow Collector available, especially considering its depth of processing and features. The SNMP input provides this same level of scalability by leveraging a large pool of concurrent poller workers and taking advantage of the same processing techniques and outputs as the Flow input.

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