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Gather Deep Threat Insights with Comprehensive Context

Protect your network, detect relevant threats, and effectively respond to security incidents. NetIntel delivers an enriched threat feed based on the context of your internal and external network traffic so that you can focus on actual threats, not noise.

Anomaly Detection
By analyzing network traffic patterns, ElastiFlow can help identify anomalies that may indicate malicious activities, such as unusual traffic volume, connections to known malicious IP addresses, or unexpected traffic on specific ports. Early detection of such anomalies enables network administrators to respond quickly and mitigate potential threats.
Forensic Analysis
In the event of a security breach, NetIntel can provide valuable information for forensic analysis. It can help investigators understand the timeline of events, the scope of the attack, and the methods used by the attackers. This information can be used to identify the root cause of the breach, remediate the issue, and prevent similar incidents in the future.
Threat Identification
NetIntel can be used to detect various types of network threats, including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, data exfiltration, botnet activities, and unauthorized access attempts. Organizations can quickly identify and respond to security incidents by monitoring network traffic.
Incident Response
NetIntel can be used to support incident response activities by providing contextual information about network traffic during an attack. This information can help security teams determine the scope of the incident, identify affected systems, and prioritize their response efforts.
Compliance and Reporting
Many regulatory standards require organizations to monitor network activity and maintain logs for security purposes - see this blog post. NetIntel can be used to demonstrate compliance with these requirements by providing a detailed record of network traffic and potential security events.

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