Unveiling NetIntel: Elevating Network Security with Advanced Threat Intelligence

June 4, 2024

Unveiling NetIntel: Elevating Network Security with Advanced Threat Intelligence

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of NetIntel, ElastiFlow’s latest innovation that promises to transform the network security landscape. We are at Cisco Live Las Vegas this week, booth 4719, and issued a press release this morning about the launch - read the press release here

As the leading provider of Network Observability and network security solutions, we aim to empower organizations with unparalleled insights into their network data. NetIntel takes a significant leap forward, merging network and threat intelligence into a single, enriched feed that will significantly enhance your network security posture and threat intelligence.

The Value of NetIntel in Network Security

In today’s evolving cyber threat landscape, organizations face numerous challenges in identifying and mitigating security risks. Traditional threat intelligence platforms often generate a high volume of generic alerts, overwhelming security teams and diverting their attention from genuine threats. NetIntel addresses this critical issue by focusing on delivering contextually rich, relevant threat insights that enable organizations to detect, understand, and respond to security incidents more effectively.

NetIntel Delivers Threat Insights with Context

NetIntel sets itself apart by combining intelligence about your network traffic with threat feeds. By enriching live network traffic with aggregated information from our globally distributed sensors, NetIntel brings important Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) to your immediate attention. Unlike other threat feeds that primarily examine IoCs from external sources, NetIntel also focuses on internal threats, such as phishing attacks or disgruntled employee actions. By adding the context of applications to your traffic monitoring, NetIntel provides true insights that enhance your security posture.

Reducing Noise, Increasing Relevance

One of the significant challenges in network security is the overwhelming number of noisy, irrelevant threat alerts. NetIntel excels in reducing this noise by ensuring that the IoCs provided are relevant and worthy of your attention. Our global sensors and ML rate the severity of the IoC — for example, known harmless port scanners are given a very low rating.

NetIntel offers insights into potential cyber threats' tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). As a result, It becomes an indispensable tool for organizations utilizing Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms.

Key Benefits of NetIntel

NetIntel is designed to unlock the full potential of network data for security use cases, acting as a catalyst for the Security and Network Operations Center (SNOC). Here are some of the standout benefits that NetIntel brings to the table:

1. Enhanced Visibility into Shadow IT

NetIntel shines a light on Shadow IT by enriching flow data with the names of the actual cloud services employees use. This visibility is crucial for identifying unauthorized or risky applications that could pose security threats.

2. Application-Based Network Usage Insights

While traditional solutions often highlight top talkers, NetIntel goes a step further by showing network usage based on actual applications. This level of detail helps security teams understand the context of network activity and identify potential threats more accurately.

3. Compliance Monitoring

NetIntel enables organizations to scan for compliance violations effectively. For example, suppose a branch office in Australia is accessing the company’s database in Europe with data that should remain in Europe. NetIntel can detect and flag this activity, helping organizations maintain regulatory compliance.

Accelerating Growth with Additional Funding

The launch of NetIntel is just the beginning. To support our ambitious growth plans and further enhance our product offerings, ElastiFlow has secured a follow-on investment from Venture Guides. Building on their 2023 seed investment, this additional funding will allow us to advance our product roadmap and expand our go-to-market efforts.

Rob Cowart, ElastiFlow Founder and CEO, shares his excitement:

“NetIntel revolutionizes network security by merging network and threat intelligence, providing unparalleled visibility into external and internal threats. This launch marks a significant step in protecting our customers' networks with real-time, relevant, actionable insights.”

Ben Nye, Managing Partner at Venture Guides, adds:

“Venture Guides has longstanding experience building network security and performance management companies. Customers’ networks today are more complex, data-intensive, distributed, and vulnerable to attack. ElastiFlow’s solution generates highly relevant performance and security alerts for network operations. We are excited to see ElastiFlow providing the most complete network data visibility available today, bringing together network, operations, and now security teams for more secure and performant networks.”

Conclusion: A New Era of Network Security with NetIntel

The introduction of NetIntel marks a pivotal moment in our journey to provide the most advanced network observability and security solutions. By delivering enriched threat feeds based on the context of internal and external network traffic, NetIntel empowers organizations to focus on actual threats rather than getting lost in the noise.

At ElastiFlow, we believe the future of network security lies in the seamless integration of network and threat intelligence. NetIntel is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence, and we are confident that it will unlock tremendous value for our customers.

We invite you to explore NetIntel's capabilities and see how it can transform your network security strategy. Visit  www.elastiflow.com/netintel to learn more and plug in an IP address to check its status. Together, let's build a more secure and resilient future for your network.

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