Unified Flow Collector

Instantly transform your open data platform into a powerful network flow collector and analytics solution. NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, and Public Cloud Flow data for all devices collected, normalized, and enriched - delivering unprecedented insights.

The ElastiFlow Difference

Most Solutions stop at basic collection and decoding. That is only the start for ElastiFlow. Complete and immediate visibility is mandatory to ensure the right insight at the right time!

  • Collect

    Collect flow records at ANY scale. Extract 7300+ Flow fields.

  • Transform

    Advanced decoding and transformation. Basic & complex flow fields.

  • Normalize

    Normalization to a common schema simplifies UX & advanced machine-driven analytics.

  • Translate

    Insight comes from understanding. Flows translated for humans.

  • Enrich

    External information like GeoIP, ASN and IP reputation provide additional context, for advanced insights.

Still deciding between “Build vs Buy”? Use ElastiFlow!

The ElastiFlow Unified Flow Collector does the heavy lifting for you without compromising your ability to custom-build your solution.

  • Want a turn-key network monitoring solution? Our partners provide tailored solutions for small businesses and the world’s largest service providers.

  • Want to use your own dashboards? Just create them.

  • Want to scale your solution to several 100k flows/s? The ElastiFlow Unified Flow Collector seamlessly scales with the resources you provide.

  • Want to use visualizations based on Elastic Common Schema (ECS)? ElastiFlow maps more vendor-specific flow fields to ECS than any other solution.

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