Unified SNMP Collector

Leveraging the ElastiFlow SNMP Collector, network administrators can effectively monitor, manage, and optimize network performance, ensuring smooth and reliable network operations.

Unlock the Power of SNMP Telemetry

The ElastiFlow Unified SNMP Collector is more than a simple SNMP poller. It has been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding production environments, with particular attention on the following attributes:

The SNMP Input eliminates time-consuming polling configurations and error-prone copy-pasting required by other solutions. Define SNMP MIB attributes once and flexibly reference them for applicable devices. Benefit from an expanding set of MIB Object definitions, Object Groups, and Device Groups for easy environment polling. The collector can differentiate polling for devices like Juniper EX-Series and Cisco Catalyst. To add a device, simply provide its IP address, credentials, and relevant Device Groups.
The SNMP Input includes pre-built support for some of the most popular network equipment, which will continue to grow in the future. However there will always be new, rare or custom devices which are not yet part of our pre-built options. In this scenario, it is easy for users to add configurations or even modify existing definitions.
The key to using SNMP with a minimal impact on network bandwidth and device resources is efficient polling. The SNMP Input achieves this by first performing a low-touch discovery of Objects applicable to the target device. The resulting SNMP object inventory is leveraged by the scheduler to poll devices in the most efficient manner possible. It is not uncommon for the input to collect 50 or more OIDs in a single poll. This greatly reduces the number of packets sent out over the network, as well as the load on the limited resources found in many devices.
It isn’t uncommon for devices to be reconfigured or restarted for maintenance or other operational requirements. The SNMP Input can respond dynamically to detected changes, modifying the polling schedule to remove objects and attributes which are no longer available, or automatically trigger a rediscovery when warranted by a device’s new state.
ElastiFlow has proven itself as perhaps the most scalable Flow Collector available, especially when considering its depth of processing and features. The SNMP Input provides this same level of scalability by leveraging a large pool of concurrent poller workers, and taking advantage of the same processing techniques and outputs as the Flow input.

Sensible Device-to-Object Hierarchy

  • Devices

    IP address • Credentials • Device Groups

  • Device Groups

    Object Groups supported by a series/type of device or system

  • Object Groups

    Objects related to common managed entities

  • Objects

    SNMP OIDs • Name and Type • Relationship to objects

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